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Matt, Helen, Carter & Caroline Reed

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back From the Beach

We had a great time at the beach with my brother and his girlfriend. The weather was great!! Carter LOVES the ocean...all she wanted to do was swim in the ocean! She did NOT want to get out and play in the sand! We went to the Wharf and Carter rode the ferris wheel and had a blast. We went to eat one night with the Barnes family and I can't believe I did not get a picture of that because I sure got a picture of everything else! Enjoy!


At Tue Aug 12, 10:15:00 PM CDT , Blogger Emily said...

Helen! Carter is still so adorable! What a beautiful child. I love seeing your collective adventures. Keep the blogs coming!

-Emily Booth

At Sun Aug 17, 08:19:00 PM CDT , Blogger Summer, Justin, & Blake said...

Hi! I can't remember if I've commented on your blog before (I found your blog from the Bradfords), but I just have to say that Carter is the most gorgeous child I have ever seen. She is stunning! And I love all of her clothes! :)
Summer Spooner


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