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Matt, Helen, Carter & Caroline Reed

Sunday, November 25, 2007

SANTA CLAUSE!!!! Where are you??

While we were in Tupelo we took Carter to see Santa Clause. When we got there Santa was on a break. Carter started yelling "Santa Clause....Where are you?" We went back after the break was over and had her picture made. Now I am usually not a fan on the "Mall Santa" but this one was great! But, why in the world did they have to put a "winter wonderland" border of snowflakes and a snowman around my picture...so I tried to crop the picture. The picture quality is not gret because I had to scan it and it did not scan real clear. I have started trying to decorate my house for Christmas...and my marathon of Christmas music has started. I still continue to boycott the song "I Saw Mama Kissing Santa Clause" DRIVES ME CRAZY!! If I was telling someone all this in person I would be using my quote fingers a lot!! Chase and I used to LOVE to use quote fingers!! RANDOM... Well now the mission will be the Christmas card picture....ohhhh such a challenge!!!


At Fri Dec 14, 08:44:00 PM CST , Blogger Rebecca S. said...

That is the sweetest pic with Santa...love it!! Hope yall are doing well. Have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year!!

At Mon Dec 17, 04:48:00 PM CST , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Helen, someone sent me this link and I have enjoyed seeing all of these pics of the babies. Your little girl looks so much like you...I have never seen anything like that!! She is just beautiful. I started a blog but I have not figured out how to upload pics of my children. I hope all is well and I will try to keep in touch on here. :)

At Mon Dec 17, 04:49:00 PM CST , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry I didn't even tell you this was Bryn


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